sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Microsoft released its new operating system for smartphones, the Windows Phone 7


Microsoft released its new operating system for smartphones, the Windows Phone 7, a product that aims to gain ground once in the field of telephony, which dominate their rivals Apple, Research In Motion (RIM) and Google.

The operating system was created with the intention of revolutionizing "the traditional concept of smart phone or" Smartphone "to help people to consume data, information and services online in an easier and more efficient."

Phones are expected to work with this operating system ready to take advantage of the holiday shopping season, where he hopes to recover the bad result of its Windows Mobile devices as well as the failure of Kin mobile phones, designed for adolescents at social networks, and stopped making in June.

After leaving the project, focused on Windows Phone Windows 7, whose initial characteristics have been known over the years and most notably the inclusion for the first time in a cell phone service virtual gaming platform Xbox Live Zune and entertainment experience.

The new phones carrying the operating system Microsoft Windows Phone incorporate Hubs showing web content, applications and services on a single pantalla.El new operating system will also, among other things, gather relevant content for a contact, update social network Facebook and Windows Live in a simple and also facilitates the sharing of photos and videos from social networks.

Phone users of Windows 7 also will be provided with features like Find My Phone, a free service to locate and manage a lost phone with maps and also allows the unit block.

Source: Reuters

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